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Monday, January 10, 2011

The Dream while Awake

Fires are a very difficult topic to discuss. While they are destructive and merciless, they are also bright and beautiful. As I was watching my fire today in the cold snow, I began to wonder just how to intelligently speak of the topic. This is the best that I came up with:
Fires are everything a person fears, but they are also everything a person loves. While they are destructive, they are also beautiful. While they are strong and tough, the right amount of water can end its life forever. Thus, fires are possibly the most thought of mysteries in the world. The beauty, the nature and comfort that they give people is overwhelming. Next to a fire, one feels unstoppable, one feels content, so much so that everything bothering them just seems to go away. It's almost as if the fire is the medium between reality and fantasy, where you are and where you want to be. Up until that last flame, one is content with the world; but once the flame goes out, back to reality you slowly return, disappointed and now upset. But you don't realize that there is a fine line between reality and fantasy. With your fire, from gallons to the slightest drip of water, the whole fire and destruction can all be stopped. The destruction of all your problems stops suddenly and you quickly realize that the fire cannot be started suddenly again. So destruction is good with fires, they disrupt and temporarily destruct your problems, makes everything okay. All in all, fires are like your dreams. They allow you to escape from reality and solve all your problems. Your wishes and wants are the kindling and fuel for the fire. But then you wake up and the water puts out your fire. Simply, the fire and your dreams are one in another, and the fire is the daydream that we consciously experience. Have I solved the fiery mystery? Probably not, but this insight can be the beginning of new openings. Have I said the truth of fire? No, but I have tried. Is it possible that somehow, somewhere, the true mystery of symbolism will be solved? Maybe but we will have to see.
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  1. Was this all thought up while I was sitting on the bench across from you? :D
    You WERE staring at the fire.