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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


What is intuition? Used interchangeably with instinct, intuition can practically mean anything. For everyone, it can mean multiple things. And for everyone, it means something different. For a hero, it means a quick decision to risk a life to save a life or not. For a racer. its a split second between life and death. For others it means other things. But for me, oh it means something much more simple. It means... well it means writing whats on my mind, Many people will say that this is a bad thing, especially teachers, but why? I write what's my mind. I don't outline, I don't proofread, I don't edit, and you call me crazy?! Why put so many extra hours into a piece of writing that so few read? Teachers call you crazy but seriously.... 12+ years of English and you still think my work is crap without proofreading?! I'm pretty sure those years and my ideas combined will allow for a good piece of writing. Perfect? No such thing. Acceptable? Apparently not. Good? I THINK SO. And I have others that agree with me. Besides, it acts as an interest to my writing. We all know that when we read books, it doesn't get interesting until we read dialogue and we all know that the dialogue is from everyday language, not the prissy editing crap we have to do for our ideas to get published. Therefore, my intuition makes my writing interesting, and I plan to write without edits and saying what is on my mind. I do NOT care what others think, I will not let editing stop me from writing what I feel.

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