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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Poor Communication

Today, as I was relentlessly trying to get my car out of my driveway (which can be difficult when it is covered in snow if you've seen it before) I began to think: "school better not be cancelled after all the work it takes for me to get my car out." Thinking that there would be no way we would get three straight days off with a three day weekend coming up, and also having driven on the roads earlier today, I figured I might as well shovel my car out prior to it getting dark. That was at 3. Turns out getting a car to move 1000 feet up a steep and windy driveway can take awhile, even with the right tools. I laboriously worked my @$$ off with the snow shovel and some nerdy geometric calculations (more like guesses) to try and clear my tire tracks off ice and snow. 4:30 rolled around and I had just finished creating my pathway to get my car out. It had been sleeting a little bit while I was shoveling so part of my tracks were covered in black ice. How did I learn this? By burning rubber in 30 degree weather on top of ice. Who would have known that was possible?! Anyway I slowly moved up my hill, about 20 feet at a time, stop, shovel the tracks in front of me another 20 feet then start again. I quickly realized though that freezing rain was now creating black ice underneath where my tires are, so I had to clean up around there too. By 5:00, I'm on the home stretch of my driveway, only 10 feet left to go. I am fed up with shoveling, so I punch it. After some more burning rubber, I make it out of my driveway and park at 5:15. I head inside to hear the yells of my little sister that her school is out yet again in this winter storm in Georgia, so ironically, my heart drops. I watch the news and read my email and that dreaded email is there: no school Wednesday. Pretty much summing up my reaction, Mother Nature told me "good job on your hard work Ethan, I'll give you tomorrow off because you have earned it." Thanks lady. I really would've liked to know that about 2 hours ago.
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