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Monday, January 10, 2011

Few pictures, Just words

Many people say "a pictures says a thousand words" but when those same people start to think about it, a thousand words gets to be quite a few words. Even the average paper these days is only about 800 words. Therefore, there will be few pictures, if any on my blog. This is not because pictures are useless or anything like that. Honestly, I have no problems with pictures or the photographers that take them, but as photographers use pictures to express themselves, I use writing. Writing captures the mood, the feeling, and the imagery that the writer is attempting to portray. Therefore, like I have said, I am a writer. Whenever I feel the need to write, I will just write and write until everything is on that page. No holding back, no censorship, just honest words on a website. I apologize to all those "picture people" as I call them, but if reading just is not you, then this blog is not you as well. But as I have said earlier, most amateur writers average about 800 words a page so I challenge those "picture people" to read my blogs; you may just be interested and realize that writing is just as good if not better than picture taking.


  1. interesting.. never thought about it like that.. i mean I'm a "picture person" as you put it. but i like reading what you have to say.. you're a GREAT writer. and i hope you do something with that talent!

  2. I WANT MORE PICTURES!!! ha jk :)