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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sloppy Satires

Okay, another form of school miscommunication happened today but there is no story to it so that isn't what this post is. In thinking that we were having school tomorrow and not knowing yet (because the system decides to always make their decision at like 7 pm) that school was closed, I decided to do my homework that has been put off for awhile now. I started reading this satire for British Literature. While I do not understand what is going on at all, its supposed to be funny. The only funny thing about it is how crazy these people are for making an impossible puzzle to crack. Well, as you may already be able to tell, I didn't get very far into it. Earlier tonight I started watching American Dad and Family Guy and it hit me. The reason why I do not understand Swift satires is because the satirical cartoons we watch today are so overwhelmingly simple, you almost have to be ADD or Crazy to not understand what is going on (no offense to those people). But seriously, satires are amazing! The Simpsons for example, instant classic. But American Dad and Family Guy....Sorry Seth MacFarlane, you are a failure at satires. You have gotten the wrong idea of satires; they promote change, not make people laugh their pants off. Seriously, these "satires" and so flawed that I believe I could make the same quality with the right funding. You watch American Dad once and you've seen them all. I will save you the time, it's about a CIA agent with a dysfunctional family of a smart "dumb" blond, a nerdy momma's boy teenager son, a crazy hippy daughter, a talking fish (former CIA agent) and an alien who disguises himself as a person in EVERY episode. Oh and the agent, Stan, always gets into a lot of stupid situations because its a "satire." There you go, 30 minutes in just over 2 minutes of typing. Family Guy is a bit more complicated. While it is a varied show between episodes, it satirizes way beyond the limit. The writers take the smallest problem and develops the problem beyond its understandable capabilities. Also, that stupid chicken; we get it its funny, but whats the point?! Are you saying that chicken fights are wrong and not funny and illegal? I'm sorry, I didn't know that. So seriously, work on your satirizing, its not as great as you think it is.

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