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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

You asked, I answered!

Y'all have been asking me to write in my blog again and I'm sorry I haven't done that in a while. Well here it is... Don't set your life up in situations that can cause you to get disappointed. Whether you are 12, 22, or 82, no situation is worth the disappointment. That does not mean not to take risks. It means only that you must take your risks with caution. Do not ever get high hopes because when the best of things are going well, everything can just as easily tumble downward. Simply, life live day-by-day because when you do so, there is no possible way you can be filled with disappointment. Y'all wanted a post, there you go. <More to come, whenever.>

Friday, January 14, 2011

Beaver Fever

Yesterday, I wrote about how Family Guy and American Dad are sloppy satires as compared to other satires seen in literature and entertainment. With this thought in mind, I feel I was slightly too harsh on the subject, especially because I do not have a renowned satire to back up my judgment. Therefore, I told myself that I would write a satire and after seeing the 20-something posters of Justin Bieber in my sister's room, I knew what to write about. Here is a possible satirical newspaper article regarding the obsessiveness of those stuck in "Bieber Fever." Tell me what you think:

It seems as if another plague has broken out in the history of the world. With the black plague in Europe and the plague here in the Americas that caused many Indian tribes to die out almost completely, another epidemic has hit America to open up the new year. "Beaver Fever," as it is referred to because of the buildup of merchandise after initial contact with the plague, strikes again after a Christmas concert in Atlanta. Thousands of fans of Justin Bieber experienced the beginning symptoms of the plague at Phillips Arena while making numerous purchases of his merchandise. In a related story, the stock market continues to crash, leaving only Pampers Pull-ups and Bieber merchandise at an all time high.
After those symptoms, victims start to have more serious symptoms. More often than not, they become permanent characteristics. Victims begin to become "zombies," only focused on things with the Bieber insignia on it. Followed by that, victims revolve their lives around this one star, replacing all everyday items with items of his insignia. Before long, the victim is in a trance that cannot be broken; soon enough, thousands of dollars are spent on Bieber merchandise.
While thousands of young ladies ages 10-21 (ages may vary) continue to fall victim to this epidemic, doctors are working hard to find a cure but currently none can be found. "This epidemic is worse than the Black Plague or any other sickness, even chicken pox," said Dr. Dre, "I'm not sure if there can be a permanent vaccine to this disease." Usher, who is believed to be the sole contributor to this epidemic has not given any statements. "Mr. Usher is not and will not provide any statement to any epidemic that does not have any relation to him," his agent said to US Weekly, "We will not saying anything until proven to have any relation to this problem."
Currently, HazMat teams are taking into custody any victims to prevent further expansion. They are being taken to a remote location off the coast of Florida in a military facility to further isolate the virus. It seems not many people know what is going on and how dangerous this situation is. Kanye West gave a statement saying, "Man, this here is so crazy s---! I do not know what is going on, but the ladies just will not talk to me anymore. My only lady friend left is Beyonce." The FBI is asking anyone with information regarding to this epidemic to please contact the Fever Helpline at 1-800-HELPME1 or your local authorities. Currently doctors advise you to stay away from these concerts at all costs while so cities are actually mass burning the merchandise prior to concerts hoping the disease will not spread. "Do not go to or anywhere near these concerts," Dr. Dre implied, "For your own good, stay away and avoid anyone attempting to go near these places. In fact, take confine them anyway you can, to stop this disease now." Will this epidemic ever be solved? We may never know, but we can only hope.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sloppy Satires

Okay, another form of school miscommunication happened today but there is no story to it so that isn't what this post is. In thinking that we were having school tomorrow and not knowing yet (because the system decides to always make their decision at like 7 pm) that school was closed, I decided to do my homework that has been put off for awhile now. I started reading this satire for British Literature. While I do not understand what is going on at all, its supposed to be funny. The only funny thing about it is how crazy these people are for making an impossible puzzle to crack. Well, as you may already be able to tell, I didn't get very far into it. Earlier tonight I started watching American Dad and Family Guy and it hit me. The reason why I do not understand Swift satires is because the satirical cartoons we watch today are so overwhelmingly simple, you almost have to be ADD or Crazy to not understand what is going on (no offense to those people). But seriously, satires are amazing! The Simpsons for example, instant classic. But American Dad and Family Guy....Sorry Seth MacFarlane, you are a failure at satires. You have gotten the wrong idea of satires; they promote change, not make people laugh their pants off. Seriously, these "satires" and so flawed that I believe I could make the same quality with the right funding. You watch American Dad once and you've seen them all. I will save you the time, it's about a CIA agent with a dysfunctional family of a smart "dumb" blond, a nerdy momma's boy teenager son, a crazy hippy daughter, a talking fish (former CIA agent) and an alien who disguises himself as a person in EVERY episode. Oh and the agent, Stan, always gets into a lot of stupid situations because its a "satire." There you go, 30 minutes in just over 2 minutes of typing. Family Guy is a bit more complicated. While it is a varied show between episodes, it satirizes way beyond the limit. The writers take the smallest problem and develops the problem beyond its understandable capabilities. Also, that stupid chicken; we get it its funny, but whats the point?! Are you saying that chicken fights are wrong and not funny and illegal? I'm sorry, I didn't know that. So seriously, work on your satirizing, its not as great as you think it is.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


What is intuition? Used interchangeably with instinct, intuition can practically mean anything. For everyone, it can mean multiple things. And for everyone, it means something different. For a hero, it means a quick decision to risk a life to save a life or not. For a racer. its a split second between life and death. For others it means other things. But for me, oh it means something much more simple. It means... well it means writing whats on my mind, Many people will say that this is a bad thing, especially teachers, but why? I write what's my mind. I don't outline, I don't proofread, I don't edit, and you call me crazy?! Why put so many extra hours into a piece of writing that so few read? Teachers call you crazy but seriously.... 12+ years of English and you still think my work is crap without proofreading?! I'm pretty sure those years and my ideas combined will allow for a good piece of writing. Perfect? No such thing. Acceptable? Apparently not. Good? I THINK SO. And I have others that agree with me. Besides, it acts as an interest to my writing. We all know that when we read books, it doesn't get interesting until we read dialogue and we all know that the dialogue is from everyday language, not the prissy editing crap we have to do for our ideas to get published. Therefore, my intuition makes my writing interesting, and I plan to write without edits and saying what is on my mind. I do NOT care what others think, I will not let editing stop me from writing what I feel.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Okay, I know that I just wrote my last entry about 10 minutes ago, but while talking to my good friend, this inspired me to "get on the boat" and write another one. Inspiration, literally, means "a divine influence directly and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul." It's more than that though. Inspiration is not only that, it's much more than that. Inspiration is that feeling you get when you write a story, take a picture, or just take action. Inspiration is what you want to do when you speak to friends. Inspiration gives people the ability to have hope when they least expect it. Inspiration changes lives and makes people realize that their faults are their best qualities. Inspiration is the best feeling a person can give and get. Simply put, inspiration is everything a person wants to do to another, simply because afterward the feeling of accomplishment is unbelievable. Why do I say all of this? It's because, I have inspired a great friend, a true friend, and a friend that will one day inspire me like she has before. Thank you. Enjoy your INSPIRATION.


Okay, well I just saw "Inception" since it came out on video. And again, like before, it was completely mind blowing. Not only is the movie a great thriller, but it also has a very important message in it that not many people can catch the first time watching the movie. Watching it the second time, I was inspired to give my intake on the message. I may be wrong, but this is just my take on Nolan's message.

Obviously, the only message that can be attempted to come out of this movie is about dreams. Now the original plot of dream invasion and inception itself is not the point that I think he symbolically is trying to accomplish is the complexity and meaningfulness of dreams. First of all, dreams are not just escapes from reality but in fact they are wishes and wants from your subconscious. Like the old Disney song goes, "a dream is a wish your heart makes." While it is more complex than this, it is the perfect summary of dreams. Simply, dreams are thoughts in your subconscious that are things that cannot be achieved in reality. In your dream, you can be a completely different person, the person you have always wanted to be. You can do things not possible in reality, from something as simple as flying to something as complex as owning your own multimillionaire business. It's as simple as that. Your dreams can tell you what you really want, what you really need, and almost give you the steps to doing what you want. Have you ever thought, "I wish I could...?" and then you dream about it soon after?  DREAMS. Have you ever thought that you want to achieve something but couldn't think of how to do so? Soon after, you dream of achieving it and learn the steps; weeks later you are one achievement better than before. DREAMS. All I am saying is that dreams are not just escapes from reality but they are also life-changers. Most people say that they became famous or successful or complete because of a dream. So there is my take on dreams, but that's just one mind in billions that saw the movie. I may be wrong, I may be right, but all in all, from experience, I feel that this is true about dreams and this is what Nolan wanted to show others.

Poor Communication

Today, as I was relentlessly trying to get my car out of my driveway (which can be difficult when it is covered in snow if you've seen it before) I began to think: "school better not be cancelled after all the work it takes for me to get my car out." Thinking that there would be no way we would get three straight days off with a three day weekend coming up, and also having driven on the roads earlier today, I figured I might as well shovel my car out prior to it getting dark. That was at 3. Turns out getting a car to move 1000 feet up a steep and windy driveway can take awhile, even with the right tools. I laboriously worked my @$$ off with the snow shovel and some nerdy geometric calculations (more like guesses) to try and clear my tire tracks off ice and snow. 4:30 rolled around and I had just finished creating my pathway to get my car out. It had been sleeting a little bit while I was shoveling so part of my tracks were covered in black ice. How did I learn this? By burning rubber in 30 degree weather on top of ice. Who would have known that was possible?! Anyway I slowly moved up my hill, about 20 feet at a time, stop, shovel the tracks in front of me another 20 feet then start again. I quickly realized though that freezing rain was now creating black ice underneath where my tires are, so I had to clean up around there too. By 5:00, I'm on the home stretch of my driveway, only 10 feet left to go. I am fed up with shoveling, so I punch it. After some more burning rubber, I make it out of my driveway and park at 5:15. I head inside to hear the yells of my little sister that her school is out yet again in this winter storm in Georgia, so ironically, my heart drops. I watch the news and read my email and that dreaded email is there: no school Wednesday. Pretty much summing up my reaction, Mother Nature told me "good job on your hard work Ethan, I'll give you tomorrow off because you have earned it." Thanks lady. I really would've liked to know that about 2 hours ago.
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Monday, January 10, 2011

The Dream while Awake

Fires are a very difficult topic to discuss. While they are destructive and merciless, they are also bright and beautiful. As I was watching my fire today in the cold snow, I began to wonder just how to intelligently speak of the topic. This is the best that I came up with:
Fires are everything a person fears, but they are also everything a person loves. While they are destructive, they are also beautiful. While they are strong and tough, the right amount of water can end its life forever. Thus, fires are possibly the most thought of mysteries in the world. The beauty, the nature and comfort that they give people is overwhelming. Next to a fire, one feels unstoppable, one feels content, so much so that everything bothering them just seems to go away. It's almost as if the fire is the medium between reality and fantasy, where you are and where you want to be. Up until that last flame, one is content with the world; but once the flame goes out, back to reality you slowly return, disappointed and now upset. But you don't realize that there is a fine line between reality and fantasy. With your fire, from gallons to the slightest drip of water, the whole fire and destruction can all be stopped. The destruction of all your problems stops suddenly and you quickly realize that the fire cannot be started suddenly again. So destruction is good with fires, they disrupt and temporarily destruct your problems, makes everything okay. All in all, fires are like your dreams. They allow you to escape from reality and solve all your problems. Your wishes and wants are the kindling and fuel for the fire. But then you wake up and the water puts out your fire. Simply, the fire and your dreams are one in another, and the fire is the daydream that we consciously experience. Have I solved the fiery mystery? Probably not, but this insight can be the beginning of new openings. Have I said the truth of fire? No, but I have tried. Is it possible that somehow, somewhere, the true mystery of symbolism will be solved? Maybe but we will have to see.
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Few pictures, Just words

Many people say "a pictures says a thousand words" but when those same people start to think about it, a thousand words gets to be quite a few words. Even the average paper these days is only about 800 words. Therefore, there will be few pictures, if any on my blog. This is not because pictures are useless or anything like that. Honestly, I have no problems with pictures or the photographers that take them, but as photographers use pictures to express themselves, I use writing. Writing captures the mood, the feeling, and the imagery that the writer is attempting to portray. Therefore, like I have said, I am a writer. Whenever I feel the need to write, I will just write and write until everything is on that page. No holding back, no censorship, just honest words on a website. I apologize to all those "picture people" as I call them, but if reading just is not you, then this blog is not you as well. But as I have said earlier, most amateur writers average about 800 words a page so I challenge those "picture people" to read my blogs; you may just be interested and realize that writing is just as good if not better than picture taking.

January 9, 2011

Good evening. After many times of drama and suffering that I have seen throughout my high school career, I have grown to realize that no one knows what you are going through except yourself. Therefore, it is impossible to talk to someone about your problems in order to get them fixed. The only way you can possibly achieve that sense of acceptance that everything will be okay is through a journal or diary that you keep. That is what this is for me. Now I realize that this blog may be very poorly read or followed and that many early opinions of me publishing such a personal thing may lead me to be an egotistical prick, but I do this only for two reasons. 1) I hope to one day reach out to someone through my posts of poetry and journalism so that they are touched in some way and 2) I want other people to see that they are not the only one with problems that I may also have. So those of you that decide to read this. Thank you for your time and I hope you are entertained by my writing. Feel free to comment and give feedback.